Fastbraces® are currently available at our Coeur d’Alene location.

Searching for the right orthodontic treatment choice? Loftus Family Dental may have the answer! We are proud to offer Fastbraces® – and we’re offering this orthodontic option for both adults and children.

So What Are Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® are an affordable alternative to traditional braces. Originally designed in 1992, Fastbraces® are available through trained & certified dentists at locations nationwide. Dr. George Loftus is proud to be a member of this growing group.

What if you could straighten your teeth in a shorter period of time? Fastbraces® are designed to straighten your teeth faster so you can achieve your ideal smile sooner! Our dentist is pleased to provide Fastbraces as a fast, safe, and affordable alternative to traditional braces. While the average treatment time with traditional braces is 18-30 months, Fastbraces can straighten your teeth in an average of only one year – and in some cases, in just a few months. Fastbraces uses a new, patented triangular bracket design, a special heat-activated wire, and cutting-edge techniques to straighten your teeth faster.

  • Fast: Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some cases, just a few months.
  • Safe: There are no more risks with Fastbraces than those associated with traditional braces. Additionally, the fact that the braces are on for less time means that there is possibly less chance of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene.
  • Convenient: Treatment typically takes just a few visits at the doctor’s office. Less doctor visits mean less money spent, less gas used getting to and from the doctor’s office, and less time off school or work.


Fastbraces® work differently than traditional braces. Traditional braces straighten your teeth by first moving the crowns of the teeth (the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gums), and then repositioning the roots of the teeth. In contrast, tunique design of Fastbraces enables us to move those roots & crowns at the same time. This has several advantages, such as:

  • Making your orthodontic experience more comfortable and efficient
  • Greatly shortening your overall treatment time
  • Reducing the risk of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene while wearing braces

Loftus Family Dental is your provider of Fastbraces®. That means no more searching for separate orthodontic services.  At Loftus Family Dental we are trained to apply & maintain your Fastbraces® for as long as you may need them.

We want you to have that desired smile. Contact Loftus Family Dental today to set up a Fastbraces® consultation. 855-4-Loftus  Together, we can decide if Fastbraces® are exactly what you’ve been searching for.